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Don’t Need No Credit Card To Ride This Train

Posted by on December 7, 2012

So I turn 40 in 500 days. (As of December 7, which, let’s pretend that is exactly when I’m posting this.) So here begins my countdown of my 500 favorite songs of all time. Not going to explain methodology, scientific number-cruching, any of that. Not going to promise I won’t punk out halfway through. Just going to try to publish 500 songs, counting down to my favorite ever, which I don’t even know what it’s going to be yet. I have a list of 500, and every day I’m going to pluck one off the bottom and watch them get better and better. NOT SCIENTIFIC.

And I’ll make the first song on the list the first song I ever saw live in concert, at the Worcester Centrum in 1985 (not counting the Neville Brothers, who opened for them). And yes, I still have the ’85 Tour T-shirt. It no longer fits.

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