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Sleight of My Hand is Now a Quick-Pull Trigger (#497)

Posted by on December 10, 2012

This is one of the newest additions to my Top 500. And it comes today because it’s my mom’s birthday. See, I first heard this at a Starbucks a few months ago; I was waiting for my double tall white chocolate mocha (in case you’re ever buying for me) and the whole staff was bopping to “Pumped Up Kicks”, which I Shazamed (God, I’m so modern with the Starbucks and the smartphone) and acquired that day. Then a few days later, I was out for dinner with the folks – this song came on, I remarked, oh yeah, this is a new song I really like, and Mom hipstered me and said, “I’ve known about this song for a while.” It was kind of like a passing of a torch, except that I knew I was out of touch with what the kids were listening to….but Mom wasn’t. Happy birthday.

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