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Two Days After Someone Blew Up the Marathon

I’m nearly as guilty of this as anyone, I suppose. But amidst all the panic and sadness and worry on Monday, I couldn’t help but notice that people were actually speaking for themselves on the Internet. Now, of course, it’s back to sharing something George Takei said or Stephen Colbert or whoever this Patton Oswalt … Continue reading »

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How I’m Celebrating National Burger Month

May 1: The Englishster (burger & fried egg on English muffin), Olde Magoun’s, Somerville May 2: Cheeseburger Basket, University House of Pizza, Boston

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My First South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Good friends, great food, perfect weather, a drunk guy in a banana suit carrying a fake Stanley Cup. Really glad I went. Here’s all the pictures.

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Better Than Yelp

A bunch of third-graders write up a trip to Pizzeria Regina in the North End*. Not one of them feels the need to preface their remarks by telling us they used to live in New York, so they know what they’re talking about. *Too bad they didn’t take the kids to Bova’s. That place is … Continue reading »

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