Better Than Yelp

A bunch of third-graders write up a trip to Pizzeria Regina in the North End*. Not one of them feels the need to preface their remarks by telling us they used to live in New York, so they know what they’re talking about.

*Too bad they didn’t take the kids to Bova’s. That place is awesome.

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So this is a pretty fun map tool.

You plug in a bunch of addresses and it shows you where their geographic midpoint is. So if I plug in every place I’ve lived since 1995 (even those 2 months in Malden with the worst upstairs neighbors ever), I find out the midpoint is in East Watertown. If I just do every place since I moved into MBTA range in the summer of ’98 (at aforementioned house of horrors), the midpoint moves to a place just north of the Cambridge Public Library. I think I like that.

You can also enter two addresses and it shows you where you can meet up for lunch. Well, what neighborhood, anyway.

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Here’s Something to Look At While I Figure Out What To Write About

I updated my county map, after this summer’s Salt Lake City-Boston-via Yellowstone massive cross country road trip (click for a bigger version):

My County Map

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Oh, hi, I didn’t see you come in

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