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How I’m Celebrating National Burger Month

May 1: The Englishster (burger & fried egg on English muffin), Olde Magoun’s, Somerville May 2: Cheeseburger Basket, University House of Pizza, Boston

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My First South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Good friends, great food, perfect weather, a drunk guy in a banana suit carrying a fake Stanley Cup. Really glad I went. Here’s all the pictures.

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Congratulations, America

Congratulations, America. You decided you hated the Patriots so much that you rooted for the New York team. There’s no washing that stench off of you. Enjoy waking up with yourself this morning. You must feel a little like a Hungarian who cheered for the Soviet tanks as they rolled in because they had a … Continue reading »

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So this is a pretty fun map tool. You plug in a bunch of addresses and it shows you where their geographic midpoint is. So if I plug in every place I’ve lived since 1995 (even those 2 months in Malden with the worst upstairs neighbors ever), I find out the midpoint is in East … Continue reading »

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