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Somewhere In Middle America (#499)

Posted by on December 8, 2012

Here’s a weird thing: East Coaster that I am, I’ve never met anyone from Oklahoma. I’ve only known a couple people from Kansas and Missouri, none from the Dakotas, and I don’t think I know anybody who’s actually a native Iowan. But I’ve come across a bunch of people from Nebraska, and some Nebraskans have been some of the great people in my life.

And I’ve been to Omaha. I’ve been to their world-class zoo on a cold March day, I’ve been to two of the best used bookstores I’ve ever seen there, eaten a French brunch there, and saw the biggest hailstones fall I’ve ever seen.

So to my Cornhusker Contingent – this one’s for you. With random pictures and everything.

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