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Sleight of My Hand is Now a Quick-Pull Trigger (#497)

This is one of the newest additions to my Top 500. And it comes today because it’s my mom’s birthday. See, I first heard this at a Starbucks a few months ago; I was waiting for my double tall white chocolate mocha (in case you’re ever buying for me) and the whole staff was bopping … Continue reading »

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BunkoSquad Top 100 #99: Short Circuit

The Internet has failed.  I can’t find a clip of two of my favorite lines from this movie: “I have seen some bad drivers in my time, but you, miss…you will be awarded a cake,” and the immortal “Wouldn’t…you…like…to be…a Pepper too.”  Oh well.  More on Ben in a bit. If you haven’t seen it, … Continue reading »

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BunkoSquad Top 100 #100: The Royal Tenenbaums

OK, there are two things going on with this post.  First, I owe a good raison d’etre for its comeback from the mothballs.  Second, I realize that when people talk about this site and what once what and what could have been, it comes back a lot to the AFI 100 Movies countdown. If … Continue reading »

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