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Author Archives: michael

How I’m Celebrating National Burger Month

May 1: The Englishster (burger & fried egg on English muffin), Olde Magoun’s, Somerville May 2: Cheeseburger Basket, University House of Pizza, Boston

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Why I Need To Travel More

Last week I was away, and woke up every morning thinking that there was a real possibility I’d see or do or experience something that I’d never experienced before and might be cool and interesting and make me happy. I think I feel that way about three times a year in real life.

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My First South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Good friends, great food, perfect weather, a drunk guy in a banana suit carrying a fake Stanley Cup. Really glad I went. Here’s all the pictures.

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BunkoSquad Top 100 #98: Mystery Men

It’s hard to say what to make of this movie.  When it’s on…it’s on.  Like when the cast of superheroes bickers over the pronunciation of a word, or when you catch little bits of funny throwaway dialogue, or when you realize that yes, that really is Tom Waits playing the mad scientist and Eddie Izzard … Continue reading »

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JaVale McGee

The NBA could exist for a thousand years and I think this will still be the funniest 20 seconds ever.

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BunkoSquad Top 100 #99: Short Circuit

The Internet has failed.  I can’t find a clip of two of my favorite lines from this movie: “I have seen some bad drivers in my time, but you, miss…you will be awarded a cake,” and the immortal “Wouldn’t…you…like…to be…a Pepper too.”  Oh well.  More on Ben in a bit. If you haven’t seen it, … Continue reading »

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Congratulations, America

Congratulations, America. You decided you hated the Patriots so much that you rooted for the New York team. There’s no washing that stench off of you. Enjoy waking up with yourself this morning. You must feel a little like a Hungarian who cheered for the Soviet tanks as they rolled in because they had a … Continue reading »

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BunkoSquad Top 100 #100: The Royal Tenenbaums

OK, there are two things going on with this post.  First, I owe a good raison d’etre for its comeback from the mothballs.  Second, I realize that when people talk about this site and what once what and what could have been, it comes back a lot to the AFI 100 Movies countdown. If … Continue reading »

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Things You Forget About When You Don’t Bother Having A Website For Years

Comment spammers. You forget that they fall somewhere between “serial killers” and “those annoying earnest little twerps trying to stop pedestrians so they can raise money for what I’d consider mostly good causes if they weren’t hiring these twerps” on the scale of people who the world would be better off without. Update: Look what … Continue reading »

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Welsh Red Dragon

Since my plan to sample every cheese in Monty Python’s Cheese Shop sketch (in order, duh) has been foiled by the seeming unavailability of Red Leicester on this side of the ocean, I had to improvise at the grocery store this morning. The Welsh Red Dragon looked like a pretty good substitute – a sort … Continue reading »

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